Friday, November 13, 2009

Icky o'l Winter

The first thing I can say is we are from Florida. We arent used to having harsh/cold winters, & what may be not so cold to freezing to this little family :) Oh and we now live in TN, which our winters consist of snow and...pretty cold weather.

We have had a run of sickness's going through our household for the past two weeks. BLAH. I have been diagnosed with sinusitis today. Got some antibiotics & some mucinex hopefully Ill sleep well tonight...finally. Krista has the sniffles, Nate has a sore throat, BUT little Miss Kaylee is healthy :) I think the weather change is affecting her respiratory system and affecting her o2 level because they do fluctuate right now but she hasnt had to be put back on 02 yet.

Our little munchkin has 6 teeth!!!! She is starting to get the hang of partially sitting on her own, rolling over from left to right and playing on her tummy more. Its a glorious thing. Now I have to figure out what Im going to do once she is mobile with all her tubing! Kaylee is starting to get so spoiled, I love it. Shes always been such an independant baby. Wanting to be left alone or to just lay and play and here lately she will cry & stop once you pick her up!!! Im so excited. She melts my heart. My goal is that she will be mobile within a year or less from now. Mobile however she chooses, crawling, scooting, using a chair, rolling....thats my goal!!

This is a nice and quik update Ill be posting pics of my little ones later I have some great Halloween pics :)

Kaylee was Snowhite and Krista was Ariel, I must say if I didnt tell you that Kaylee REALLY isnt Snowhite she would have you fooled :) She was the most perfect Snowwhite!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just showing off :)

Thats right TWO teeth!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer =)

I never imagined that Kaylee would be such a little.....adventure....Im not sure that is the right word but it suits me for now. She is all smiles and has a personality with tons of attitude! I would swear she was in her terrible twos with some of the tantrums she throws! There are reasons for the tantrums though, I cant make her sound like a big meany...its us big people that do it! Always picking on her!... Making her sit when she doesnt feel like it, wiping boogies from her nose, cleaning the trach area, cleaning her ears, looking at her teeth, give her a bath....there is always a reasons for tantrums and she calms down quiet easily, its funny. You can tell she knows what she is doing, as if she is letting you have an earful, which I suppose she really is :) She has the biggest smile and she is sneaky!...boy is she sneaky! I made her mad the other day wiping her little nose, she had her tantrum and then decided to ignore was too funny. I kept trying to get her to look at me and she wouldnt, but she kept smiling like she thought it was funny. She amazes me every day! She is a holy cow 17 pounds!!!!! Is that amazing or what?... going from her tiny 3lbs to 17lbs...rather amazing :) she is only a little 24 1/2 inches so shes a short stumpy little turkey! Krista has a vocabulary that I swear wasnt there yesterday! She talks in senteces, remembers songs, tells stories...My babies are fascinating..growing every day, every minute! Kaylee is doing pretty good as far as health goes, she keeps getting little colds we arent sure shes been on the vent 24/7 lately due to that. I think it has something to do with the ventilation in the house =\ She also has the sniffles right now, she has a runny or should I say frothy(because the texture ha) nose constantly!....She is getting big though, she loves her excersaucer and jumperoo, before she would only stand them for so long and then get tired and she enjoys them and has learned how strong her little legs are & she bounces!

Oh and she has started to roll over and has once!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

teethers :-)

I have no idea when the last time I was that I updated. Kaylee is a lovely 16lbs and 24 1/2 inches long =) she is rather chunky! She loves to sit and is a very active little munchkin! She has gotten her first tooth =) It came in on May 21st and I was more than just excited about it =) Krista is growing and I honestly think she grows like an inch everyday and also adds 3 words a day to her vocabulary. Things are good here at home, nursing is....going. Its tough finding night nurses, we live out in the country and a lot of the time its a far drive for people and I end up doing night shifts a lot which gets hard because I have to stay awake all day with my little rugrat when she gets up in the morning......but hopefully it gets better soon. I dont mind having slumber parties with Kaylee we have fun! Kaylee is my little buddy, its the sweetest thing and makes me feel amazing, Im her favorite person and I love every minute of it. Krista also is a favorite person of her =)

Right now I am scatter brained. I have night shift tonight but wanted to finally get some pics on here and let people know how out little life is going =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

& some pics ;)

& I forgot to mention that my fatty is a whopping 15lbs and a short 23inches =) She is our little chicken nugget!
Next time Im going to make a slide show I am sure this is really annoying just posting 20+ all in a row =\ sorry!

I do hope you enjoy them all though!
Isnt she just something?

Kaylee & her rings =)

Krista.....gardening haha.
She was looking for worms & she found one =)
She had to put him back in his home...
This was Kaylee how I found her at the hospital, turned so she was directly under her toys haha.
what a cutie =D

Krista loves to read to Kaylee...
Kaylee loves it too! She really pays attention and looks at the book ...
Its the sweetest thing =)
My love bunnies on Easter =)
Kaylee & the egg she found lol

piggy tails =)
Their Easter baskets!

coloring eggs the night before =)
Papa and the girls

Kaylee snuggling with her bunny blanket!! She is such an angel!
Ok thats all of this extremely long blog!

Time for an Update =)

My oh my, where do I start? Kaylee is.... amazing. Its impossible to describe just how much I love her. We got home from the hospital March 4th 09, two days before her 1 year Bday =) So we were happy that she got to at least spend her Bday at home! It was a nice change since Kaylee has spent every holiday except 2 and now her bday in the hospital. Easter was one of those holidays it was very fun and I got lots of cute pics =)

Kaylee now has a tracheostomy, it is amazing! I thought it was going to be a devastating process to go through, but its been more than a miracle. I thought Kaylee was active before, but this new Kaylee that can breathe without an ounce of a problem, blows the roof off. =) I actually like the trach.... I am always sure she has a secure airway. Since before if her little nasal passage way was closing we had no idea until Kaylee was showing signs and symptoms of struggling to breathe. Which was much more scarier to me than changing a trach twice a week! Kaylee now has a J-tube for now and probably will for awhile, we still get to feed her by mouth she only tolerates at most....for right now around 4cc's. Which happens to be quiet the accomplishment for our little munckin =) We are so proud of her progress since she has been home. She is wanting to roll over and its hard since she is on a vent...but its absolutely adorable all the effort she puts into it =) We have 24/7 nursing which was a crazy thought giving up all your privacy at first but its been more of a blessing than anything, letting me get a good nights rest when I need it! It was hard at first finding nurses that I trust with my baby and we are still ...struggling with that. We have 4 nurses 2 night shift and 2 days shift in all and they rotate days and its the night shift nurses were having trouble finding.... well finding ones we like.

Krista turns 3 on the 27th....where does time go? Can anyone tell me that? She is too big for her little britches ha. She has a vocabulary I never thought was possible and she puts sentences together......daily...its rather amazing to me still and I think it always will be. It makes me sad to see her get to smart and independent.

Kaylee is getting a toothers!! I am SOO excited, its the cutest little thing in the world and I love it hah. I am so serious when I say this, and I know all moms say it but...... Kaylee IS THE cutest baby ever, and will be the cutest baby ever with a tooth haha. I love her so much, she laughs SO much these days and is just so happy. The teething phase for her hasnt been bad yet she has got a little rash around her mouth from drool and shes been sleeping much more than usual but thats it. She has had a couple days where you were NOT aloud to touch or even talk to her or she would have an absolute fit, but since those couple days which were last week sometime...shes been generally happy ...just sleeping more than usual =)

I love love love my life. This is the longest we have been home with Kaylee...she is staying so much more healthier with this trach in place... She did go to the hospital...she caught a little cold/caugh and it was too tough on her to handle it on her own and went in on the the 13th until the 16th of this month, but there was nothing wrong but a high white blood count was ruled out as viral or a cold/caugh....and she is better now =) happy as can be!

This is my update I am sure I have forgotten something but this is the general out look. We are extremely busy Kaylee's little schedule is hectic these days!

Thank everyone for following Kaylee's story and for all the support we have gotten in these past months!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy oh happy

Kaylee is on the road of recovery! Doing great =) I want to thank everyone that has said many prayers for us! She is slowly waking up, they are taking her through the steps of weening off the drugs, but it will be a few weeks before that ends. It is so nice to see her putting effort into waking up and trying to look around. She is still very groggy and you can tell she cant really focus, but just seeing her eyes open and blinking is such a treat! She wiggles and worms and flays around like our little Kaylee bug always used to =) It is so wonderful! I think our only worry now is preparing ourselves for what is to come (learning all about the trachea). But for now, we are happy and she is getting better so we are not going to complain about anything!!!

Here is a video clip that you can see Kaylee moving a little bit, she is so sweet!
OH and Kaylee is over 13lbs!!!! WOW =) but a lot of it is water weight still and in the video you can tell...or at least I can lol

The video isnt the greatest, its has terrible lighting but you get the idea =)

The coolest snowman EVER!

Kaylee on her 11th month birthday =) my big girl!