Saturday, October 18, 2008

baby loving

Kaylee is planned for another surgery for her Nissen Fundoplication. I hope more than anything that it possibly holds this time. How grand it would be to never have to sit in the ETCH waiting room on the 6th floor again. Kaylee loves her hands, cant seem to keep them out of her mouth. & lately she has been amused with looking at her feet when we hold her in a sitting position. She amazes me. Krista is a huge helper, she loves her little sister and tries to protect her from everything, including them mean old doctors :) She yells no to them and puts her hand over Kaylee, its so like her. She is going to be a great big sister, she already is.
Kaylee has been sick latley, coughing, gagging, extremely milky snot, she got 3 antibiotic shots this past week, wed-thurs-fri, she seems to be much better. She was extremely irratable and angry. Didnt want to be held or try and eat, hated therapy and wasnt sleeping well. She is now my little angel who is laughing and smiling and making strawberries at me =)& of course sleeping SO much better! I am so blessed. I love the strawberries she makes(the noise with her mouth as if making a fart noise) I feel like shes playing with me, I do it back to her and so does big sister and of course she does it back. Krista loves it, she thinks its a game.
Kaylee gets the synagis shot this Monday, it will be her first of many I assume since they are seasonal shots. I think thats all for now.