Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The shedding baby!

Kaylee is shedding like crazy! Her hair is thinning out SO much(& when I say thinning I mean that when I wash it or even run my fingers through it globs of hair fall out!!!)! Or even where she lays when I pick her up there is tons of hair everyday all day! I know this happens with babies but I didnt think it would happen with Kaylee, has this happened with anyone else? Im curious! Kaylee also has a huge bald spot on the back of her head... we recently visited the hospital for another week recently. She had pneumonia again! & was having trouble breathing, needing more oxygen than normal.....I hope and pray they arent missing or overlooking anything. I cant wait to at least be a RN so I can know myself that we have did all that we can for Kaylee and that she just with bad luck keeps getting sick! We keep her inside and dont take her anywhere unless its an appointment and I try not to schedule any appointments unelss they are important including now that its winter! She is doing great now and is happy as can be! She is enjoying sitting more now, she got so used to laying all the time since we have been in the hospital so much lately....the bald spot on the back of her head went from a quarter size to bigger than an egg =( it depresses me because I love her hair sooo much and now its thinning out too! I am not sure if its because all the medicines shes on or maybe just her growing up a little bit more =] She is getting SO heavy to me(well for her), its so exciting I would say she could possibly in the 10 range now which is such a milestone for her! My little angel is being SO sweet today wanting to be held and wanting to sit up and play&laugh & her big sister is being fantastic also! I hope this winter is a good one for Kaylee and that the last time we was in the hospital is exactly that....the last time.

Just thought I would do a small update & hope everyone is doing great! Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I will never forget the day our little bug was born. Kaylee Jade was born March 6th 2008 at Fort Sanders Hospital. She was a whopping 3lbs and 11oz and a short 15inches long! She was 1month early. Her being born was fast & simple, unlike the life she has today. I went in to labor all on my own and when I finally went complaining to the nurse (I was on bed rest) I was dilated 8 cm. I started to cry, not because I was in pain...but because it was much to early for Kaylee to come, considering I was on bed rest because she was not growing, she was in the 3lb range on an ultrasound 2 weeks before I delivered & I had got ultrasounds everday while I was on bedrest to see her activity. They broke my water once they had me in a birthing suite & I was all set up and Kaylee Jade was here an hour later. She was born with choanal atresia bilaterally. Which means she did not have nasal passageways in either nares & they didnt know this...so they didnt understand why she wasnt breathing. If they held her mouth open she was fine breathing but as soon as they let go there she was, not breathing again. How traumatic it is for the day that you are suppose to be so happy, go so wrong and be such a panic. I didnt get to hold Kaylee when she was born, none of us did. As soon as she was born doctors were there to work on her & tranfser her to the childrens hospital. We couldnt go see her for 3-4 hours after she got there because they had to get her situated. Once we did go to see her it was beautiful. Kaylee was....so unique. She was so different than Krista when Krista was born. She had TONS of hair and she was so tiny, and that eye brow of hers was so dominant! She had a tiny little nose, and thin lips! I thought she was beautiful, I just didnt understand, she didnt look like me, she didnt look like Nate.....she was BEAUTIFUL though & thats all that mattered. She was so sassy right from the start, always pulling on everything, and making trouble for the nurses =] We got to hold her the night she was born which was a very aww moment, it was only for maybe 20minutes between me and my husband holding her but those 20 minutes were magical. My little angel, as tough as can be, right from the beginning. These are moments I think we all live for. I think some babies are tougher than us parents could ever be! Well I hope you all enjoy my first wordless Wednesday, I am not sure if this is how you are suppose to do them, or what they are suppose to be about, but here it is! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Question Answers - About Me

I stole these from Misty and if I knew how to link her I would, but I havent figured out how to do all this yet. I am learning, and trying to figure out all these CdLS challenges and what days thye are on so I can join in! I thought I would answer these question so that people can get to know me better =]

1. Where is your cell phone? Hmm, my husband went hunting this morning so probably in his pants from earlier.

2. Where is your significant other? He is walking around the house talking on the phone

3. Your hair color? I dye it light blonde, but its naturally a sandy/ash blonde

4. Your Mother? A very dear friend to me.

5. Your Father? I have a great step-father.

6. Your favorite thing? Showers, I get my quiet time. When I get to take shower alone anyhow =) (Krista always has to get in with me)

7. Your dream last night? I dont recall any dreams =/

8. Your dream goal? To be done with nursing school & start med school becoming a doctor!

9. The room you're in? In the Living Room

10. Your hobby? Being a mom, a wife, I love taking pics of my family!

11. Your fear? Something happening to me (I had brain surgery 6months ago) & I am always scared that something will happen to me & it scares me! I also have big fears for my kids of course, I pray they stay healthy their entire lives!

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? I hope Im on my way to being a doctor! Working in the East Tennessee Childrens hospital!

13. Where were you last night? Here at home, talking with my sister and my friend =)

14. What you are not? A liar.

15. One of your wish list items? Oh there are so many, but I would love for Kaylee to not have such a tough life!

16. Where you grew up? I grew up in FL & I miss all my family & friends!

17. The last thing you did? I gave little miss Kaylee a bath, lotioned her up got her an outfit on, combed her hair and put a bow in it =)

18. What are you wearing? I have a grey t-shirt on, jeans, and black socks and a black belt ...

19. Your TV? It is just the average TV & that works fine for us!

20. Your Pet? I dont have any, but I want a chocolate lab eventually!

21. Your computer? I have an HP & I love it!

22. Your Mood? Im in a good mood, hungry though, time for lunch!

23. Missing someone? Too many to name!

24. Your car? Well my family is a little country family, so we love our trucks, even though I cant wait to get a car now that I have two little girls.... but I have a Ford Ranger, and my husband has a Chevy 2500HD

25. Something you're not wearing? Nail polish

26. Favorite Store? Even though I dont get to get there to often I do love target, they have the cutest clothes for kids! Then there is wal-mart since that is closest to my home, ha.

27. Your summer? Wow, it was busy and hectic, but we made it through!

28. Love someone? I love many, not just one.

29. Your favorite color? Lavender yellow & purple.

30. When was the last time you laughed? When Nate was aggrivating me earlier today ..... he thinks hes funny ;]

31. When was the last time you cried? When Kaylee was in the hospital. It is hard to watch your baby go through so much!

Well here is some questions answered about me, I hope you all enjoy reading them & I look forward to seeing everyone elses answers!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finally Home

After being in the hospital since the 22nd of October, we are finally home! Our little Kaylee bug had a big adventure which consisted of, needles, blood, IVs, spinal tap, x-rays, urine samples, no food, 100 nurses and of course all her doctors. We went to the hospital after she had been sick for about a month with cold/cough/fever/crankiness....we had made many doctor trips & visits to the ER before this admintance. She got an x-ray on the 22nd like she had so many other times that month but this time it came back with pneumonia =/ They also wanted to do a spinal tap to make sure her spinal fluids were fine since she had been sick for so long and the symptoms were so easy to be many different illness's. The spinal tap was clean, Thank you God! We were admitted and put on the 2nd floor, they started her on antibiotics through the IV(which was a scalp IV) and they started some breathing treatments. The next day the GI doctor came to see her and we concluded that since her Nissen came un-done that this pneumonia was more thank likely from aspirating & that putting her on a lower rate until surgery had failed. The GI doctor did not want her eating because he was afriad she may aspirate and make matters worse, so we were looking into getting her a G-Jtube so she could start feeds again. Well they dont have a G-Jtube in Kaylee's size, she has a 12French and the smallest they come in is 16. SO then the GI doctors tried to rig up some tubes and make a G-Jtube but it all failed. Every attempt to get a G-Jtube in failed. So in the mean time Kaylee would not eat. To fast forward things Kaylee didnt eat for 4 days before they put her on pedialyte 2MLs an hour, which was....basically nothing. Another couple days went by and then it was the night before her surgery and her IV came out, she had this huge bubble on her forehead where it had been trying to pump the IV fluids in her. So it was either find a new IV location on her or feed her. We insisted on trying to feed her first, keep her elevated and watch closely. They had her on Zantac the medicine that helps keep food down so why not? So they talked to the doctors then agreed to try this, but they had to get her from 2MLs to 16MLs to equal out to the fluids that the IV was giving her, the amount she needed. So it went 2MLs, 4MLs, 8MLs, 12MLs, and finally 16MLs over so many hours. Kaylee did fine with the feedings. Her surgery went great, they had to re-do the Nissen and put a whole new g-tube in because her other spot leaked like crazy because the lining of her stomach was coming out &.....long story short...it wont fix you have to re-do the hole. We spent 3 days in the PICU and went to the 4th floor and a couple more days went by and we got to come home!!! Kaylee so far is doing great, still giving her breathing treatments here at home, and she is on O2 at night.

To update the family now, life is rough. The economy is unpleasant and I can only pray that this new president really changes the economy for the better. We are happy as a family it just seems as though so many problems keep arising.

Halloween was super fun. Krista was Arora also known as Sleeping Beauty and it was so fun to watch her trick or treat this year. She caught on fast and was so excited to go to each door and then she got wore out and wanted to stop between each house to eat some candy =] it was fun. Kaylee was in the PICU for Halloween but after taking Krista trick-or-treating me and Nate went back up there and put Kaylee in her little skeleton onzie, it was too cute.

I cant even express how happy I am to be home, Kaylee is laughing and smiling & is starting to realize we are home also. We didnt get to hold her much in the hospital she was cranky when we tried or she had so many things hooked up to her it was just hard trying to get her comfortable without pulling on this IV or that tube or her oxygen...I love being home. I love how she makes strawberries and she loves her sister it seems more and more each day. Krista can make Kaylee laugh no matter what she does, its a beautiful thing to watch.

OH and they shaved more of her head, she officialy has a mullet!

All the pics are in reverse on how the story went, so hope it doesnt confuse you!

Baby's First Halloween

My Little Skeleton =]

Krista was my Princess

My Love & Krista

Kaylee's super mullet, this was after surgery in the PICU

Before surgery, Krista loving on Kaylee

Big smile from the baby
My babies hands

Kaylee smiling with Krista

Kaylee holding Daddy's hand

IV in the forehead =(

My Favorite, her hands

I only wished I had those lashes

I dont know what she was doing, but she was not pouting..it was funny & her hiney was hanging out

Big Yawn =O)

No more pics mom, Please!