Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Again..=]

I dont think I will ever be able to express just how much I love Nate. We finally got home from the hospital last night and so of course I stayed up picking up things around the house trying to tidy up a bit since we hadnt been home in a week, which is a whole other story. He has his hunt at Chuck Swan which is a huge acreage for hunting and him and his dad went and they are going tomorrow too. He woke up early this morning and not only did he tell me I was beautiful ...need I tell you I was asleep when he told me this =] and he tried helping me clean, he did some dishes and picked up a little more.... I thought it was too sweet. To me this is a lot, some people might not think so...but for him it was really nice. I love him.

Kaylee went to the hospital this last Saturday, she was running high fevers for a couple days but we thought it was probably viral and would run its course. Well needless to say it wasnt a virus, the fevers just kept getting higher and she got crankier. Her fever was 104.2 when we left the house to head for the hospital, which was really high comparing it to the 102.3 it was an hour before then. She was admitted and we then stayed a nice week, as usual. Everything came back negative or no growth (meaning no growth for bacteria/viruses ect.) so it was like a medical mystery, we just knew she had really high fevers and her WBC(white blood count) was really high, it was in the 42,000 at its highest peak and it should be at like 10,000...and for those of you that might not know, your white blood cells fight off infections and sickness's. So we had no idea why her blood was doing this and where the fevers where coming from. Well about 3 days there some growth for strep/pneumonia came back in her blood but it was such a small amount they wanted to do another blood culture to see if it would show up again since she had been getting antibiotic shots. Nothing came back and her white count was slowly going down soooo it was ruled out that it was a starting of an pnuemonia but we just got there before the pnuemonia could grow! So I am happy to say that Kaylee bug is happy as can be now, and getting SO big, she is a whopping ALMOST 11lbs =] I love my little angel and each and everyday is a blessing with her. She is so much like a baby now, and I am sure that sounds funny to many but to me its a lot. Shes learning a lot and playing,laughing, trying to sit, rolling and she babbles at me!...shes awake like 75% of the day, she just swells my heart with a big happy smile.

Krista is more than happy to be home! No more hospital food, no more ramen noodles or cheese dogs either! I know me and her wont be eating them for awhile lol well me at least. Here we are at home, shes back in her princess dresses watching her barbie movies. It feels great to be home, oh and Krista knows how to say "JA-Nnotte" lol its too cute. She says her last name.
thats the updates for now, I go see the nuerologist on the 22nd and I am looking forward to that I have a few questions. I cant believe its been like 7months since I had a....brain tumor! I still just cant believe I has a tumor period.

I hope everyone is doing good & if you read this I hope you enjoyed my update!