Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy oh happy

Kaylee is on the road of recovery! Doing great =) I want to thank everyone that has said many prayers for us! She is slowly waking up, they are taking her through the steps of weening off the drugs, but it will be a few weeks before that ends. It is so nice to see her putting effort into waking up and trying to look around. She is still very groggy and you can tell she cant really focus, but just seeing her eyes open and blinking is such a treat! She wiggles and worms and flays around like our little Kaylee bug always used to =) It is so wonderful! I think our only worry now is preparing ourselves for what is to come (learning all about the trachea). But for now, we are happy and she is getting better so we are not going to complain about anything!!!

Here is a video clip that you can see Kaylee moving a little bit, she is so sweet!
OH and Kaylee is over 13lbs!!!! WOW =) but a lot of it is water weight still and in the video you can tell...or at least I can lol

The video isnt the greatest, its has terrible lighting but you get the idea =)

The coolest snowman EVER!

Kaylee on her 11th month birthday =) my big girl!