Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer =)

I never imagined that Kaylee would be such a little.....adventure....Im not sure that is the right word but it suits me for now. She is all smiles and has a personality with tons of attitude! I would swear she was in her terrible twos with some of the tantrums she throws! There are reasons for the tantrums though, I cant make her sound like a big meany...its us big people that do it! Always picking on her!... Making her sit when she doesnt feel like it, wiping boogies from her nose, cleaning the trach area, cleaning her ears, looking at her teeth, give her a bath....there is always a reasons for tantrums and she calms down quiet easily, its funny. You can tell she knows what she is doing, as if she is letting you have an earful, which I suppose she really is :) She has the biggest smile and she is sneaky!...boy is she sneaky! I made her mad the other day wiping her little nose, she had her tantrum and then decided to ignore was too funny. I kept trying to get her to look at me and she wouldnt, but she kept smiling like she thought it was funny. She amazes me every day! She is a holy cow 17 pounds!!!!! Is that amazing or what?... going from her tiny 3lbs to 17lbs...rather amazing :) she is only a little 24 1/2 inches so shes a short stumpy little turkey! Krista has a vocabulary that I swear wasnt there yesterday! She talks in senteces, remembers songs, tells stories...My babies are fascinating..growing every day, every minute! Kaylee is doing pretty good as far as health goes, she keeps getting little colds we arent sure shes been on the vent 24/7 lately due to that. I think it has something to do with the ventilation in the house =\ She also has the sniffles right now, she has a runny or should I say frothy(because the texture ha) nose constantly!....She is getting big though, she loves her excersaucer and jumperoo, before she would only stand them for so long and then get tired and she enjoys them and has learned how strong her little legs are & she bounces!

Oh and she has started to roll over and has once!



heidi @ ggip said...

Thanks for the update! The rolling over is great. How funny that she ignored you!

Rachelle said...

I'm so glad Kaylee is staying healthy! Sounds like you are having a good summer. The girls are gorgegous!

Deni aka Mrs Chicken said...

great to see your updates Leslie, its been ages since i have been able to hop on to my blog and catch up with how everyone is going - it was great to hop on to your blog and see those wonderful smiley faces! Glad to hear everything is going well with the girls :)