Friday, November 13, 2009

Icky o'l Winter

The first thing I can say is we are from Florida. We arent used to having harsh/cold winters, & what may be not so cold to freezing to this little family :) Oh and we now live in TN, which our winters consist of snow and...pretty cold weather.

We have had a run of sickness's going through our household for the past two weeks. BLAH. I have been diagnosed with sinusitis today. Got some antibiotics & some mucinex hopefully Ill sleep well tonight...finally. Krista has the sniffles, Nate has a sore throat, BUT little Miss Kaylee is healthy :) I think the weather change is affecting her respiratory system and affecting her o2 level because they do fluctuate right now but she hasnt had to be put back on 02 yet.

Our little munchkin has 6 teeth!!!! She is starting to get the hang of partially sitting on her own, rolling over from left to right and playing on her tummy more. Its a glorious thing. Now I have to figure out what Im going to do once she is mobile with all her tubing! Kaylee is starting to get so spoiled, I love it. Shes always been such an independant baby. Wanting to be left alone or to just lay and play and here lately she will cry & stop once you pick her up!!! Im so excited. She melts my heart. My goal is that she will be mobile within a year or less from now. Mobile however she chooses, crawling, scooting, using a chair, rolling....thats my goal!!

This is a nice and quik update Ill be posting pics of my little ones later I have some great Halloween pics :)

Kaylee was Snowhite and Krista was Ariel, I must say if I didnt tell you that Kaylee REALLY isnt Snowhite she would have you fooled :) She was the most perfect Snowwhite!

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heidi @ ggip said...

Thanks for the update! It sounds like things are moving along. We had to give up the pump for tube feeding when blue became mobile, but that may not be viable for you guys. I'm SURE you will figure out something!